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Special Events

March 19, 2020


TO: The Lily of the Valley Church Family



PSALM 121, 90;

During these troubled times, we, the Church must focus our prayers on the following points:

  • Devine protection and healing for all people.
  • Wisdom for local, state and national leaders to take appropriate action for our safety and for our security without causing panic.
  • Protection for our nation and for our church from adverse economic and political effects.
  • Opportunities to share God's peace, healing and salvation.

Rely on facts and refrain from listening to and spreading rumors.  The most important thing is to stay calm and use common sense (our trust is in God).  Wash your hands.  Practice social distancing between you and others.  Stay at home when you feel sick.

1.  PRAY!  

  • Pray for our local and state leaders.  
  • Pray for the leaders of our nation and of our world.  
  • Pray for medical personnel and for our first responders.  
  • Pray for our families, our friends and for our community.
  • Pray for our church.

2.  Do not get involved with an overload of information.  Don't obsess about everything you hear.  Don't saturate yourself with rumors and hearsay.  Refuse hysteria!

3.  Be sure to get POSITIVE information from reliable sources!  AND FILL up with God's word. Philippians 4:8.

4.  Watch for people--they will generally be emotional (angry, irritable).

5.  Have a support system.  Stay CONNECTED to your church, family and friends.

6.  YOU are a child of God.  Trust Him.  Check in on others and minister to them, as needed.

7.  Avoid burnout from news and unknown/unconfirmed information.  Re-energize yourself with pleasurable activities.  Listen to good, relaxing music.  Read your favorite books.  Use your cell phone to reach out to others.  Text your family and your friends.  Exercise!  Enjoy quiet time.

8.  This is a time to be concerned, BUT settled "in God."  Teach your children to trust in the Lord and let your children see and hear you "Trusting God."  (Psalm 91).